The resources below provide ideas on how to use stories as play-related interactions between children and adults. Young children learn many essential early literacy lessons when they have appropriate opportunities to explore print in the company of the people around them.

Chloe’s Story: First Steps into Literacy

Finding out about early literacy

Chloe’s story: First steps into literacy by Carole Bloch explores how young children become literate by weaving reading and writing into the social and cultural practices of their home and communities. This illustrated book, first published by Juta in 1997, will interest those who wish to deepen their understanding of early learning and development. Download it here.



Stories in action

Our Storyplay-in-action leaflets support holistic, story-based early literacy teaching and learning. Each leaflet focuses on a different picture book or story.

Guideline - Building Bridges

Stimulating print awareness

Find out how to create a print-rich environment for children here.