Anton Lucien’s first story

Nadia describes a literacy event, in which he comes to dictate his very first story, which she writes down for him. Such small stories, are what drive language and literacy development and learning, though in the busy-ness of home and school life, their significance can be underestimated, or ignored…

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Playing Freya

Language and literacy learning during early childhood, is an integrated process of storying through play and exploration. Closely observing young children’s experiences, offers adults contextual understanding which enables them to meet early learning needs in holistic ways. In the first of two pieces…

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The nurturing nature of play

Rich, pretend play underlies our ability to understand the symbolic nature of written language. But it’s much more than that too. Pretend play also has the power to comfort, help solve problems and leads to empathy and understanding. This is the theme of…

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Connecting bears and frogs

PRAESA Storyplay mentor, Sive Mbolekwa reflects on a session with the picturebook, If Big Can… I can by Beth Shoshan in an English medium preschool. The story uses a relationship between a big brown bear and a small koala bear to explore the…

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Storyplay in Action – At the Clinic

Seeing is believing, but one has to know what to look for – and in South Africa, we need demonstrations of high-quality early literacy teaching and learning which revolve around  imagination and stories. To reclaim story is to find the key to meaningful teaching and...

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A story worth telling…

By early childhood specialist Nadia Lubowski, who co-ordinates PRAESA’s Storyplay initiatives. It is Zoe’s Educare’s second birthday and I went to deliver some storybooks PRAESA donated to celebrate this small but wonderful beacon of…

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The ‘what if’ of the story

The ‘what if’ is what happens when we open up the book and allow it to expand our boundaries. We switch thinking from inside the book to a wider, new world of possibilities.

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Dragon mode – the story comes alive!

As we neared tidy-up time, we asked the teacher what she felt the children had covered from the curriculum. She spread her arms wide and exclaimed “ All of this, look! They have done home language, maths, cutting and painting, sticking, playdough and building, spelling, writing and reading. All with ONE STORY.”

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