Current Projects

PRAESA is a research partner of The PETS Foundation. This aspect of our work is exploring and researching how e-tablets can be used as tools for a) increasing the stock of appropriate mother tongue  stories and other reading materials for multilingual classroom and community settings b) to work out under which conditions e-tablets can be best used to help motivate and support reading for enjoyment. Through the PETS Foundation, has donated more than two hundred tablets that will be used during the latter part of 2012 and in 2013 within the framework of the Nal’ibali National Reading Initiative.

The PETS Foundation is generally committed to researching the viability of introducing e-tablet technology and digitisation as a means of enhancing learning in South African education system and circumventing critical obstacles impacting on teaching and learning. 

The Foundation’s research project envisages exploring the educational, financial, technological and logistical viability of introducing e-tablets and digitised texts into the South African education system. Currently, the Foundation is involved in four research projects, each of which is in a different stage of evolution. One is with PRAESA; a second with SciMathUS, a University of Stellenbosch maths and science bridging programme to which a donation of 42 tablets has been made. A third is developing an alternative cost-effective distance education model using cell phones and tablets for in-service maths teachers. The fourth is designing a workshop for teachers on introducing digitisation to the school and classroom practice.

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