PRAESA’s work includes initiating, mentoring, supporting and documenting early biliteracy approaches which emphasise reading and writing for enjoyment and personal satisfaction for all. Reading Clubs across the country, established and run by the Nal’ibali national Reading-for-Enjoyment Campaign, are modelled on the original Vulindlela Reading Club that PRAESA started together with volunteers and children from the Langa community in Cape Town.

We design and conduct informally structured training sessions for multilingual settings on the WHY, WHAT and HOW of storytelling, reading, writing singing, games, and dramatisation as these are essential aspects of biliteracy learning.

The PRAESA Storyplay curriculum has been designed for toddlers and preschool-aged children. It brings together research understandings and experience about how young children learn language and literacy and brings play and stories to the centre of daily life. We help adults to recognise and value young children’s existing competence as language users, and to open up opportunities for them to become imaginative, creative and expressive thinkers and doers.

The Nal’ibali national Reading-for-Enjoyment Campaign was co-founded by PRAESA with funding partner DG Murray Trust in 2012. PRAESA ensured the literacy and multilingual integrity of the campaign and ran it until the end of 2015.

PRAESA continues to give language and literacy direction to the campaign. In its partnership with Nal’ibali, PRAESA provides quality assurance and the content for its print and electronic materials.

Download the stories developed by PRAESA in African languages and English. And among many other materials developed by PRAESA that are available for free download from Nal’ibali’s website are these multilingual newspaper supplements.

Little Hands, which promotes and supports the development of children’s literature in Africa, is inspired by the understanding that the way to a child’s heart and mind is through a story.

Our multilingual materials also include video set Isiqalo, Beginning with Books.

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