Meet the team

CaroleCarole Bloch is the Director of PRAESA. She has a PhD in early literacy in African settings from the Carl Ozietsky University, Oldenburg and has served as an early literacy consultant in several African countries. The main thrust of her work is to transform the way children learn to read and write, by helping to create conditions that put stories, meaning making and enjoyment at the centre of literacy and biliteracy learning. She has conducted research into young children’s literacy and biliteracy learning in multilingual African settings, facilitated training for teachers and teacher trainers and the publication of several books for children of all ages in various languages. She has also written several books for young children and between 2004 and 2007, coordinated the Stories Across Africa Project, a core project of the official language body of the African Union, The African Academy of Languages (ACALAN).  Carole is also a founder and trustee of The Little Hands Trust, which promotes and supports the development of children’s literature in Africa. She is now leading a team who are carrying out a national reading-for-enjoyment campaign called Nal’ibali. Email:


arabellaArabella Koopman  is the Content Manager for the Nal’ibali campaign, and responsible for the development and management of reading materials. Before joining the publishing industry, she worked as a teacher and teacher-educator. More recently she has worked as a writer and publisher, and in publishing management. She has a special interest in developing and researching materials that support and extend children’s literacy in multilingual settings. Email:


nadiaNadia Lubowski is the Storyplay Coordinator for the Nal’ibali reading-for-enjoyment campaign, and is responsible for the implementation of the campaign’s newest approach early literacy development approach. Nadia completed her Master’s degree research in the efficacy of educational institutions in poverty stricken areas in South Africa, supported by a Potter fellowship.  She has worked as a teacher in preschool and primary school classrooms, trained educational staff, run community workshops, and participated in many educational fora that promote awareness of the needs of the most impoverished members of South African Society. Aiming to provide access and empowerment to children and parents limited by social, political, and economic circumstances, Nadia, the daughter of the late Anton Lubowski, has been working tirelessly to establish creative and far reaching primary community educational projects in the Western Cape since 2006.