1. Literacy in the Early Years: Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Early Childhood Classrooms
    Author: Carole Bloch
  2. The African Renaissance and the Use of African Languages in Tertiary Education
    Author: Neville Alexander
  3. Concepts of Early Childhood Development (ECD), Literacy Learning and Materials Development in Multilingual Settings
    Author: Carole Bloch
  4. Enabling effective literacy learning in multilingual South African early childhood classrooms
    Author: Carole Bloch
  5. The Rise and Possible Demise of Afrikaans as a Public Language
    Author: Hermann Giliomee
  6. Medium of Instruction and its Effect on Matriculation Examination Results for 2000, in Western Cape Secondary Schools: A study of examination results in relation to home language and language medium
    Author: Michellé October
  7. Problems and Possibilities in Multilingual Classrooms in the Western Cape
    Authors: Peter Plüddemann, Xola Mati and Babazile Mahlalela-Thusi
  8. English Unassailable but Unattainable: The Dilemma of Language Policy in South African Education
    Author: Neville Alexander
  9. Pre-School Child Multilingualism and its Educational Implications in the African Context
    Author: H. Ekkehard Wolff
  10. Multilingual Environments for Survival: The Impact of English on Xhosa-Speaking Students in Cape Town
    Author: Rima Vesely
  11. The Case Against Bilingual and Multilingual Education in South Africa
    Author: Kathleen Heugh
  12. Multilingualism in South Africa with a focus on KwaZulu-Natal and Metropolitan Durban
    Authors: Peter Broeder, Guus Extra and Jeanne Maartens
  13. Revisiting Bilingual Education in and for South Africa
    Author: Kathleen Heugh
  14. Language rights, ethnic politics: A critique of the Pan South African Language Board
    Author:Timothy Perry
  15. Language policy implementation and language vitality in Western Cape primary schools
    Authors: Peter Plüddemann, Daryl Braam, Peter Broeder, Guus Extra, Michellé October
  16. Dual-medium and parallel medium schooling in the Western Cape: from default to design
    Authors: Peter Plüddemann, Daryl Braam, Michellé October, Zola Wababa
  17. The status of isiXhosa as an additional language in selected Cape Town secondary schools
    Authors: Thabile Mbatha and Peter Plüddemann
  18. Learning In, With, and From the First Language
    Author: Pai Obanya
  19. Implications of Brown v Board of Education: A Post-Apartheid South African Perspective
    Author: Neville Alexander
  20. Community perception of change in a school’s language policy
    Author: Daryl Braam
  21. Language and Dementia in Bilingual Settings: Evidence from two case studies
    Author: Tracy Gail Beckett
  22. Border-Straddling Speech Communities: Linguistic and Educational Challenges facing the Nyanja-Chewa-Mang’anja Cluster of Southeastern Africa
    Author: Agnes Georgina che-Jika Nkhoma-Darch
  23. Language biographies for multilingual learning
    Authors: Brigitta Busch, Aziza Jardine and Angelika Tjoutuku
  24. Theory and Strategy of Early Literacy in Contemporary Africa with special reference to South Africa
    Author: Carole Bloch
  25. Writing and publishing in indigenous languages is a mere waste of time: a critical appraisal of the challenges faced by writers and publishers of Shona literature in Zimbabwe
    Authors: Enna Sukutai Gudhlanga & Godwin Makaudze
  26. Skills and Levels in Europe – managing diversity in language education
    Authors: Peter Broeder & Rita Sorce
  27. Ukusetyenziswa kolwimi lwesiXhosa ukufunda nokufundisa izifundo zezibalo
    Author: Somikazi Deyi
  28. Terminology Development for the Intellectualization of African Languages
    Edited by Pamella Maseko
  29. Multilingualism and the Language Policy for Namibian Schools
    Author: Andree-Jeanne Totemeyer
  30. How Scientific Terms are Taught and Learnt in the Intermediate Phase
    Author: Zola Wababa
  31. The Potential Role of Translation as Social Practice for the Intellectualization of African Languages
    Author: Neville Alexander
  32. Home-Language Based Bilingual Education: Towards a Learner-Centred Language Typology of Primary Schools in South Africa
    Author: Peter Plüddemann
  33. What Are the Factors Influencing the Relationship Between School Language Policy and the Literacy Proficiency of Learners at Grade 7 Level?
    Author: Trevor de Rocha
  34. Language “Choice” in Education
    Author: Carol Benson
  35. Affirming Marginal Voice: A Study of a Group of Primary School Children in an Asymmetrical Multilingual Setting
    Author: Aziza Jardine
  36. Racial Identity, Citizenship and Nation Building in Post-Apartheid South Africa
    Author: Neville Alexander
  37. Effects of a Dialogical Argumentation Instructional Model on Grade 10 Learners’ Conception of Fermentation
    Author: Christopher Diwu
  38. Language preferences and behaviours of selected students and staff in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cape Town, in the context of the university’s implementation of its 2003 Language Policy and Plan: a qualitative study
    Author: Gaontebale Joseph Nodoba
  39. Viv Edwards & Jacob Marriote Ngwaru (2012): African language books for children: Issues for authors, Language, Culture and Curriculum, 25:2, 123-137
  40. Carole Bloch (2002): A Case Study of Xhosa and English Biliteracy in the Foundation Phase versus English as a ‘Medium of Destruction’ (Battswood report),  Perspectives in Education, 20:1
  41. Carole Bloch (1999): The potential of early childhood for developing and sustaining literacy in Africa, Social Dynamics, 25:1



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