A story worth telling…

By early childhood specialist Nadia Lubowski, who co-ordinates PRAESA’s Storyplay initiatives. It is Zoe’s Educare’s second birthday and I went to deliver some storybooks PRAESA donated to celebrate this small but wonderful beacon of hope… If there ever was a golden...

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The ‘what if’ of the story

The ‘what if’ is what happens when we open up the book and allow it to expand our boundaries. We switch thinking from inside the book to a wider, new world of possibilities. read more

A sad day when children felt unsafe in class

As I get to the class, the three men are searching the children’s bags and the children are sitting quietly on the mat and looking at the men. This is their classroom, their place of learning, their place of having fun but for those five minutes or so it doesn’t feel like their classroom. read more

Dragon mode – the story comes alive!

As we neared tidy-up time, we asked the teacher what she felt the children had covered from the curriculum. She spread her arms wide and exclaimed “ All of this, look! They have done home language, maths, cutting and painting, sticking, playdough and building, spelling, writing and reading. All with ONE STORY.” read more

Lucy Hawking’s visit to South Africa!

PRAESA has published with Jacana Media the isiXhosa and isiZulu versions of George's Secret Key to the Universe, translated by Xolisa Guzula (isiXhosa) and Phiwayinkosi Mbuyazi (isiZulu). Author Lucy Hawking visited South Africa in October to highlight the importance...

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Do mice read?

Children wrote messages to the mouse family and taped them to the walls of the mouse library. The children also went to write stories in the little blank books to add to the library collection and displayed them on the shelves. read more

Magic! Is anything possible in storyland?

Sive Mbolekwa, PRAESA literacy mentor, reflects on his sessions with Grade R children using the picture book An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni (IQanda elinguMmangaliso). In this story, three frogs discover a beautiful white egg. Though they’ve never seen a chicken...

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