Occasional Papers

Occasional Paper 38: Terminology Development for the Intellectualization of African Languages

This paper consists of proceedings, in English and isiXhosa or isiZulu, from the South Africa-Norway Tertiary Education Development Program’s (SANTED) […]

Occasional Paper 37: Multilingualism and the Language Policy for Namibian Schools

This paper examines the issues of school language policy in Namibian 20 years after independence. The author argues that Namibia’s […]

Occasional Paper 36: Effects of a Dialogical Argumentation Instructional Model on Grade 10 Learners’ Conception of Fermentation

This study reports on a project that seeks to enhance educators’ understanding of and ability to implement a Science Indigenous […]

Occasional Paper 35: Language Preferences and Behaviors of Selected Students and Staff in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cape Town, in the context of the university’s implementation of its 2003 Language Policy and Plan: A Qualitative Study

Author: Gaontebale Joseph Noboda Abstract: This paper seeks to answer the question: ‘What are the language contexts, preferences and behaviors […]

Occasional Paper 34: How Scientific Terms are Taught and Learnt in the Intermediate Phase

Author: Zola Wababa Abstract: This study from Western Cape primary classrooms reports on how language is used in teaching and […]

Occasional Paper 33: The Potential Role of Translation as Social Practice for the Intellectualization of African Languages

Author: Neville Alexander Abstract: This paper argues that translation is an important tool in the intellectualization of African languages. The […]

Occasional Paper 32: Home-Language Based Bilingual Education: Towards a Learner-Centered Language Typology of Primary Schools in South Africa

Author: Peter Pluddemann Abstract: This paper proposes a new language-medium typology for primary schools in South Africa. Ultimately, the typology […]

Occasional Paper 31: What Are the Factors Influencing the Relationship Between School Language Policy and the Literacy Proficiency of Learners at Grade 7 Level?

Author: Trevor de Rocha Abstract: In this case study, the author investigates the factors that influence the language and literacy […]

Occasional Paper 30: Language “Choice” in Education

Author: Carol Benson Abstract: This paper is concerned with decisions about which language(s) to use for education and to what […]

Occasional Paper 29: Affirming Marginal Voice: A Study of a Group of Primary School Children in an Asymmetrical Multilingual Setting

Author: Aziza Jardine Abstract: In this paper, the author investigates the language attitudes of a group of ten- to eleven-year-old […]