Conference Papers and Presentations

Interactive Journal Writing as a Tool for Mentoring and Teacher Professional Development

(Presented at the Three R’s Conference, December 2009) Author: Xolisa Guzula Presentation on the PRAESA initiated 6 year interactive Xhosa-English […]

Evolving African Approaches to the Management of Linguistic Diversity

Author: Neville Alexander The author proposes a comprehensive, large-scale, long-term, and systematic intervention on the part of NGO’s, CBO’s, language […]

Stories Across Africa (StAAf): Towards a Shared African Children’s Literature

(Presented at the IBBY Copenhagen, 2008) Author: Carole Bloch Presentation introducing Stories Aross Africa (StAAf), a pan-African project which began […]

Initiatives to Reach Early Childhood and Education

(Presented at IBBY Copenhagen, September 2008) Author: Carole Bloch Presentation introducing the characteristics and the aims of PRAESA Initiatives to […]

Enabling Conditions for Biliteracy Learning

(Presented at the 2009 3R’s Conference) Author: Carole Bloch, PRAESA Early Literacy Unit The presentation is on the observation made […]

Glimmers of Hope – Emergent Writing and Reading in a Multilingual Foundation Phase Classroom

(Presentation to TIP 3rd Annual Colloquium, 1998) Authors: Carole Bloch and Ntombizanele Nkence This paper describes one aspect of larger […]

Multilingual Education or English as a Medium of ‘Destruction’: Language and Literacy Policy and Practice in South African Early Childhood Classrooms

Author: Carole Bloch This paper describes the Early Childhood Development (ECD) developmental research initiative carried out by PRAESA in an […]

Implementation of Mother Tongue Learner-Centered Early Literacy Education in Namibia

(Paper prepared for the GTZ/NIED Workshop) Author: Carole Bloch This paper aimed to assist with the process of finding workable […]

Emergent Literacy, Multilingualism and Early Childhood Development

(Position paper prepared for the 1996 Education Sub-Committee of the Language Plan Task Group) Author: Carole Bloch The author writes […]

Feeling at Home with Literacy in the Mother Tongue

(Keynote presentation at the 2004 IBBY World Congress held in Cape Town, South Africa) Authors: Neville Alexander and Carole Bloch […]