A sad day when children felt unsafe in class

As I get to the class, the three men are searching the children’s bags and the children are sitting quietly on the mat and looking at the men. This is their classroom, their place of learning, their place of having fun but for those five minutes or so it doesn’t feel like their classroom.

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Lucy Hawking’s visit to South Africa!

PRAESA has published with Jacana Media the isiXhosa and isiZulu versions of George's Secret Key to the Universe, translated by Xolisa Guzula (isiXhosa) and Phiwayinkosi Mbuyazi (isiZulu). Author Lucy Hawking visited South Africa in October to highlight the...

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World Read Aloud Day with Mzansi Flair

Teaching children with great stories offers the chance to counter prejudice and bigotry, by encouraging empathy and nurturing a sense of justice. This is why we need to know what stories are available, choose carefully and use languages children understand.

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Brain food for growing minds

In South Africa, most of the adults who spend time with children in their various capacities as parents, teachers, care­givers, adopters or custodians, do not regularly read aloud to them. And even if they do, with repeated readings of favourite storybooks, most can’t sustain the activity long enough for it to become a habit.

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Q&A with Carole Bloch

The aim of the Q&A series is to get an inside look into some of South Africa’s leading education academics, policy-makers and activists. This is the twenty-third interview in the series. Carole Bloch is Director of PRAESA.

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